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Mother’s Day 2023 Canada

Here’s a secret… Mom doesn’t realize how important she is. Even with all the well-intentioned flowers and brunches, she still doesn’t GET it. So, in 2023, let’s show her what she means to us, and the impact she has on our lives. These 10 meaningful Mother’s Day gift ideas will do just that. Get ready to make Mom cry this Mother’s Day. 

The Best Sentimental Gifts For Mother’s Day 2023

Photo showing a handwritten recipe and how it is engraved on a cutting board.

Idea #1: Engraved Recipes

This is a powerful gift. When she sees a cutting board engraved with her mother’s recipe, a swell of emotions and happy memories will come flooding to the surface.

If you engrave one of her recipes, then all of a sudden she’ll realize that what she considered a task, is actually a cherished memory.

These happy memories and feelings of being appreciated will happen every time she enters her kitchen and sees this beautiful gift.

More about this meaningful gift

We engrave the handwriting you give us. It’s not ours, it’s the words of your loved ones in their script. You take a photo of a handwritten recipe with your smartphone and we’ll do the rest. After you order, we’ll send you a design file to approve before we engrave it, so you have a good idea of what it will look like. Learn more about gifts with handwriting here.

Recipes can be engraved on either cutting boards, or live edge charcuterie boards.

Live edge board with memories of Grandma and Grandpa engraved around their names.

Idea #2: A Memory Board

Most Mom’s don’t realize the impact they have on your life. So SHOW THEM! Show Nana all the fun memories she is responsible for.

This design is available on a cutting board or a live edge charcuterie board.

Close up of a family tree shown the family branch, the children's branch and the parents as the trunk.

Idea #3: A Family Tree

Look what they started! Show them their legacy with an engraved family tree. The names are used as the branches, with families grouped together. Couples are connected with hearts, and their children come off the parents branch in a slightly smaller font.

This design is available on a cutting board, a live edge wall sign, or a live edge charcuterie board.

Easy Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts for 2023

Paddle style cutting board with "everything tastes better when Babcia makes it."

Idea #4: Personalized Cutting Boards

Adding the grandchildren’s names to this sweet sentiment instantly makes this gift “bragable.” She’ll want to show it off to everyone!

We have lots of design options that will make a meaningful Mother’s Day gift. To really make her heart melt, try engraving the saying in her native language. If you can type it, we can engrave it!

Personalized designs can be engraved on either cutting boards, or live edge charcuterie boards.

Idea # 5: Include the whole family

There’s nothing Mom’s love more than family. This design makes it easy to include everyone.

This design is available on a cutting board or a live edge charcuterie board.

Functional & Fun Gifts For Mom

Meaningful gifts don’t have to be expensive. Here are a few bestsellers that are so easy to do, yet, when personalized for your mom, will have a big impact.

Multitools engraved with some sweet sayings for Mother's Day.

Idea #6: Personalized Multitool

If Mom loves to be prepared, she’ll appreciate this compact 10-in-1 multi-tool! Small enough to fit in the glove box, and with a personalized engraving, it’s sure to make her smile. Need inspiration? We’re happy to help. Click below for our most popular sayings.

Pack of 3 personalized guitar picks, each with a different saying.

Idea #7: Engraved Guitar Picks

Show your musical mama how much you love her with personalized guitar picks. These solid wood picks are meant to make beautiful music!

Package of 4 engraved golf tees for Mother's Day. Personalized with I love Grandma.

Idea #8: Personalized Golf Tees

Not just for Dad! Our engraved golf tees can be personalized for anyone. You tell us what you’d like to say.

These come as a set of 4, packaged and ready to give. Each tee can have a different saying!

Best Group Gifts for Mother’s Day 2023

Personalized Checkers boards make meaningful unique gifts.

Idea #9: A Custom Game Board

These are one of my favourite gifts to design! Bring all your siblings together and brainstorm all the characteristics, memories, or moments that make Mom so amazing.

This gift is sure to show Mom how much of an impact she has had on your life.

Live edge sign engraved with a family tree including roots.

Idea #10: The Family Tree

Yup. It’s THAT good that we are mentioning it again. This is a great group gift, that isn’t hard to do, and will be one of the most talked about gifts she will EVER receive.

We know it looks daunting, but you just have to make sure you spell everyone’s name correctly. We’ll do the rest. Easy right? And don’t worry – as with all of our gifts, you’ll approve the design file before we engrave.

Meaningful Mother’s Day Gifts Made Easy

We’ve made it easy to make Mother’s Days gifts meaningful. Order any of our gifts online, then sit back and relax while the magic happens. We’ll email you a design file to approve before we engraved, so you’ll know what to expect. If you need any changes – no problem! We’ll adjust the design file until you are happy with it. Once your gift is engraved, we cannot alter or add to the design.

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