Cutting Board Designs

We get it. Sometimes it’s easier to see all of our cutting board designs in one place. If you see something you like, follow the link in the heading to go directly to that page. If you don’t, order something completely custom by choosing “new design.” As always, if you need help, just email us. We are here for you.

Family Tree

Arguably our most stunning design. If you want to impress the in-laws, this is the gift you want. Each tree is as unique as the family we are designing it for. Although we offer family trees on our rectangular cutting boards, most people prefer to do them on a live edge piece instead. You can order either by following the link. Here are some of the trees we have made so far:

Handwritten Recipes

Warning! This gift will make them cry. You send us a photograph (from your phone!) of a meaningful recipe and we will engrave it into a beautiful gift.

Adventure Collection

Family Collection

Initial Collection

Milestones Collection

Tuscan Collection

Our most popular collection! When you order, you decide what to engrave in the middle circle and around it. Here are some of our past Tuscan designs to give you some inspiration.

Wedding Collection

New Design

Don’t see a design you like? No problem! We love making something new! We work with you to design something completely unique. Need inspiration? Here are some designs we have done in the past.

RTS Insiders Get Free Stuff

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Realtor Wholesale Client Gifts FAQ’s

We offer wholesale packages of live edge charcuterie boards to Realtors and Mortgage Brokers. To get the wholesale price, buy 10 boards at a time but only engrave them when you are ready. Visit our Wholesale Realtor page to get started. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’m not a Realtor. Can I still get wholesale pricing?

Yes. We offer wholesale pricing on many of our products. Are you looking for live edge charcuterie boards? start here. If you are inquiring about other products, tell us what you are looking for by filling out this form. When the form is complete, please check out (there is no cost involved) and we will get back to you with some options. Alternatively you can email us to discuss your project.

What does each closing gift include?

Each closing gift includes a live edge charcuterie board engraved with the design of your choice and a product care card. Once engraved, the board is sealed so it is ready to use. Then you can include whichever options suite your style and budget.
The options include:
1. Your logo is engraved on the back, so your clients will always be able to find you, and refer you.
2. A high quality gift box with or without your logo engraved.
3. A container of Board Balm – a food grade wood conditioner and sealer.

How do I get the wholesale price?

Simple. You just need to pay for 10 boards at a time. You only have to decide which size of board you’d like. You do not have to choose all the designs right now – we will complete those as you need them. See the sizing and pricing options here.

I don’t want the wholesale price. What are my options?

No problem! Once you find a design you like, the questions will guide you to the correct price. Then you can choose your options – you can have your logo engraved, a gift box etc. The price will change depending on the options you choose. Pro tip – you have to choose a design from the drop down to have a price show up.

I am a new wholesale customer. How do I order?

We’ve made it easy for new wholesale customers to order directly online. Just browse our designs and follow the questions to choose your options. You only have to add a wholesale order to your cart once, then you can order other designs at no additional cost by answering yes to the question “are you a current wholesale customer?” If you are uncertain, just write your concerns in the “engraving details” section before checking out, or email us and we can help.

I am a current wholesale customer. How do I order?

Simply choose the designs you like, and chose “Yes – I have already purchased 10 boards.” Add the engraving information you need and checkout. You’ll notice there is no cost for this. We will deduct each order from your total for you. If you have used all 10 boards, we will send you an invoice to reorder before we start engraving. We keep all your previous order information, and your logo, in your file so the reordering process is easy.

I don’t see a design I want, can I create a new design? Can you give me ideas?

Absolutely! We love creating new designs. Order here for new designs. Please give us as much information as possible and our designers will contact you with some ideas. Then you can tweak the designs as necessary until you are happy with it.
If you want more than one board with a new design, just tell us in the engraving details what you’d like each board to look like. Don’t worry, we will contact you for approval and if we have any questions.
If you are not a wholesale customer, and don’t want to be, just add the total number of boards you are ordering before you “add to cart.” See the screen shot below.

Do you engrave photographs of houses?

Yes, most photographs engrave well. There is a lot more work involved in converting a photograph into a format that can engrave well, and there is a cost associated with this. If you are interested in having a photograph engraved, please email us. Please include the photo you are inquiring about, and ensure it is the highest resolution and largest size available.

What is your turnaround time?

For typical retail orders, our turnaround time is 10 business days. Our wholesale clients receive priority service which means your order goes to the front of the line. Typically this means we can have your order ready within 5 business days, but we can get orders done within a few days if necessary. When you place the order online, indicate when you will need it by. If we cannot accommodate that timeline we will contact you immediately. Please remember our turnaround times do not include shipping times and we only engrave orders that are approved by you, so the faster you get back to us, the sooner your order will be ready.

What happens when I place my order?

Our designers get to work to design your board for you. Once the design is ready, we email you a PDF file called a “design file” to approve. You look it over for style and spelling. If you are happy with it, you respond to us saying it is “approved,” then we start the engraving process. If there are any changes required, let us know! We will alter the design and resend the design file for approval. We do not engrave files until they are approved as we cannot make any changes to the boards after they are engraved.

How much is shipping?

We ship via Canada Post. Typically shipping is between $20 -$35 depending on product and location.

Can I see all your realtor designs in one place?

Yes! You can view a gallery of all the designs, with links to their specific pages here.

Realtor Client Gifts

Wholesale pricing for realtors

We think realtor client gifts are so important, that we offer wholesale pricing for realtors.  Purchase 10 boards to get the wholesale rate BUT only engrave those you need now. We save the rest for you. We’re ready when you are.

The Adventure Collection

The Inclusive Collection

The Initial Collection

The Regal Collection

The Tuscan Collection

New Design

Don’t see something you like? No problem! We will work with you to design something completely unique. Need some inspiration? Here are some examples of what we have done in the past:

It’s easy to see that our live edge boards make stunning realtor client gifts, but what most people don’t consider is that their functionality is what will bring you referrals.  There are a few aspects of our boards that make them so great.

  1. The personal touch.  By engraving the board with something meaningful to your client, like their names or important dates, you show that you value them, not just the sale.  It also is a great way to ensure the longevity of the connection since personalized gifts are rarely discarded.
  2. Permanent branding.  Your logo can never be removed, and its placement on the back of the board makes it easy for your client to find you or refer you, without you coming across as pushy or self serving.
  3. Their intended function.  Our boards are used mainly for gatherings – to present charcuterie to groups of friends and family.  During these times, our boards act as conversation starters and the first question is usually “where did you get it?”  Now they are talking about you, and your referral rates have just increased without you lifting a finger.

What your gift includes:

  • Live edge Charcuterie Board with personalized engraving.
    • Ready to use and sealed with a mineral oil and beeswax food safe finish.
    • 100% Canadian made with cherry or maple wood.
    • Our boards sit slightly raised off the table.
    • Available with bark or without.Branded high quality gift box.
  • Optional – Branded high quality gift box with or without your logo engraved.
  • Product Care Sheet included.

Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

Personalized Father’s Day gifts solve the problem with Father’s Day. You want to give them something special, meaningful and heart felt. They want something simple and above all else, useful. We make a point of making beautiful, meaningful and FUNCTIONAL gifts – perfect for Dad!

What type of Dad you are buying for?

The Handy Dad

Whether he can remodel your bathroom or just thinks he can, our personalized hammers add a sentimental spin on a very functional gift.

Have young kids? Let them write a message that we can engrave and let’s see if we can make that Handy Dad cry!

The Active Dad

So, it takes at least 3 hours to play a game of golf with your buddies? Hmm…

Remind him who loves him with personalized golf tees, keychains or bag tags and celebrate the Active Dad in your life.

The Rock Dad

Inspire creativity with our thoughtful personalized guitar picks. Our solid wood picks are meant to make beautiful music and your personalized message should guarantee at least a song dedication.

The Dapper Dad

Take your kids to work with cufflinks engraved with their actual handprints! Perfect for weddings, conferences or as a conversation starter at that awkward networking event.

All you have to do is take a picture of their handprints and upload it here. We will do the rest! For detailed instructions check out our FAQ page.

Laser engraved multi tool

The Gadget Dad

Let’s face it, multitasking is something all Mom’s can relate to! So celebrate the Gadget Dad in your life with a 10 in 1 multitool. Add a funny or sentimental message to show the love (and ensure he won’t lose it).

The Gastro Dad

Whether Dad has a signature recipe or just loves “edible chemistry” (as my Dad would say), our engraved cutting boards make perfect personalized Father’s Day gifts!

RTS Design Insiders get free stuff!

We need a Muse, you like free stuff… sounds like a win-win!

We have A LOT of awesome ideas.  And with every awesome idea comes a flurry of activity.  From planning, designing, tweaking, re-designing, testing, re-testing (you get the idea) we may end up with an amazing high quality personalized gift worthy of a spot on our retail line.

Now, since all of our best products are personalized, you can imagine how many “test products” we have in our house with our name, our kids names, and our pets names engraved on them.   It’s time to share the wealth.

By becoming an RTS design insider, we will give you the opportunity to have access to our products that are still in our testing phase – free.

RTS design insider free stuff - embroidered baseballHere’s what our latest design insider got (for free!)…

Our design insider, Julie, provided us with the name and birth statistics of our most recent new product, our New Baby Embroidered Baseball!  In return she will get to keep this awesome personalized gift when it has finished its promotional tour.

Here’s how it works:

  1. We have a great idea that we want to test – this could be a new product, or a new design for an already established product, or (knowing me) some crazy new idea that I just want to try out.
  2. We send an email to those that have signed up to our RTS Design Insiders list.
  3. We ask for specific information that has to do with our idea.  For example, the baseball was great for someone that knows a baseball loving family, with a new baby boy, and could give us all the important birth stats.
  4. You respond to the email with all the requested information.  If the request isn’t a great fit for you, tell your friends so they have a chance to get free stuff!
  5. We choose randomly from the list of all the responses that contain exactly what we asked for.
  6. We email our winner directly, and post the winner on our Facebook an Instagram pages.
  7. Then we will design the product with the information we got from you.  If it passes our rigorous standards then we will make it available to others via our retail line.  We will use it for pictures and promotional material and when we are done with it, you will get to keep it!

Here’s what you have to be cool with…

  1. The information you give us will be photographed and these pictures will be shared to help promote the product and the business.  Typically this means they will be used on our social media platforms, website, and e-mails, but we can use them however we see fit.  Cool?
  2. The testing process has no timeline.  Sometimes we finish testing quickly, other times it takes a while.  Do not expect to get the product by a certain date.  You will get it as soon as it is ready to be given away. Cool?
  3. We may not tell you what the idea is until the testing phase is finished.  Like all great ideas, they are best kept under wraps until they are perfect and ready to be unleashed into the world. So, you may be in the dark longer than you’d like. Cool?
  4. When it’s ready, you must be able to pick it up from our GTA (Milton or Oakville Ontario) location.  We can ship it to you if needed, but you will have to pay for shipping. Cool?
  5. Our testing might not work the way we expect it to. Wait, what? Our awesome idea turns out to be not so awesome? It happens. Even if our testing does not end in an RTS worthy product it still may be cool to you; but if testing doesn’t work at all, we won’t have anything to give you.  Bummer yes, but we will try to make it up to you somehow.  Cool?
  6. No refunds.  It’s a free gift people.  If you’re not happy with it, please tell us so we can improve it, but please don’t expect to get compensation for any of our test products if you don’t like them.  Cool?

If you want more inside information and occasional perks, join our email list!

On Trend: Live Edge Decor

Live Edge decor pieces add warmth, interest, and an organic calming element that fits into any style of room. With its increasing popularity, “live edge” is a design term worth knowing.

When most people think of live edge home decor they think of beautiful, heavy, expensive dining tables. Essentially, “live edge” means that the edge of the wood has been left in its natural state without being processed. When a tree or branch needs to be removed, either because it poses a danger to the public, or to make way for new development, the artisan who handcrafts our personalized cheese and charcuterie boards is already visualizing how best to bring out the natural character of each piece. Once the wood is cut to the desired thickness, it is kiln dried, leaving all of the natural elements intact. Sometimes during this drying process, the bark separates from the wood, leaving behind the unique contours of the tree trunk. These two outcomes allow us to give you the option of choosing a personalized engraved live edge board with, or without bark.

With or Without Bark -Which is right for me?

To decide which style of personalized engraved board is right for you, it helps to consider what you will be using it for and how often. If the board will be used more as a display piece, then either with bark or without will work. If the board will be used regularly for hosting, then it may be better to choose a board without bark. Like any natural wood product, the more it is cleaned and used, the more likely the bark is to separate from the wood. For this reason, our restaurant clients often choose live edge boards without bark. If you do choose a board with bark and it does happen to separate from the wood, it can always be glued with a non-toxic wood glue.

Whatever your choice, our live edge products are beautiful and functional; and with a personalized engraving they are also incredibly meaningful. They are unique and interesting and are always great conversation starters. Of course, they are most often used for food presentation but also make a lovely centerpiece for a coffee table, buffet, or dining table. Add a tall slender vase with fresh flowers, and a small interesting sculpture or box and you’ve instantly created a stunning vignette that is grounded by the natural beauty of live edge wood.

So browse through our design styles or contact us if you want to create something totally unique. We are always excited to design something new! And don’t worry, you will have a chance to review and alter the design if necessary. All of our new designs are emailed to you for approval before we start engraving. We want you to be completely happy with your order, and we welcome your ideas and input on all aspects of the design. If you do like what we do, please write us a review and be sure to tell your friends. We love hearing the stories of how our gifts have been received!

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Laser Engraved Personalized Cutting Boards

Personalized Cutting Boards Make Great Gifts

Gifts are an important way to celebrate life’s amazing moments, but let’s face it – some people are impossible to buy for.  We all strive to give gifts that will be cherished for years to come, yet we are also busy, budget conscious, and some of us need a little help with ideas.  Whether you have seen something you really like, or want to create something entirely unique, we can help you create that handcrafted, one of a kind gift that is truly cherished. 


Handcrafted Personalized Cutting Boards 

Our Canadian made solid wood personalized cutting boards make an excellent wedding or shower gift.  We have many designs to choose from, and every one of them can be personalized to celebrate the special couple and the best day of their lives. 

Personalized cutting boards, like the one we created for our client in Milton, Ontario.  Its message of love brought tears to our client’s eyes.  It is a unique keepsake the bride and groom will treasure for a lifetime.  Our natural beeswax and mineral oil finish helps to preserve the personalized cutting board and this loving message.  

Easy Ordering Process 

The ordering process for personalized cutting boards is quite easy.  Choose your product type online.  You can shop by product, or by occasion type.  We also have live edge products available and if you don’t see something, just ask! We can have our local woodworker custom craft a board for you.  After choosing a product, you can customize the engraving on it by either choosing from our drop down options or filling out our custom order form.  We love creating new designs.  The more information you can send us initially, the quicker the design process will be.

Once you have chosen a design style for your personalized cutting board, our designers may contact you via email if they have any questions or need clarification.  Next, they will email you a design file in PDF format so that you can see exactly how the engraving will look.  The PDF will include an outline to indicate the approximate size of the product and show you the placement of the engraving.  At this point, you should double check all spelling and dates to ensure accuracy.  Once the product is engraved, we cannot make any changes.  (and double check the spelling and dates).  You can make any changes that you’d like once you have reviewed the initial design.  Don’t like the engraving in the corner? It can be moved! Our designers work with you to ensure that you are 100% happy with the design before we engrave it.

After everything is approved and you are happy with the layout and design of your personalized cutting board, then we head into the studio and engrave your one of a kind gift for you.  The only thing left to do is seal it with our natural beeswax and mineral oil finish.  All in all, the process takes about two weeks (though we do offer rush processing as well).  Voila! A timeless keepsake that will last for generations to come!