CRO First Christmas Footprint


Celebrate your baby’s first Christmas with an ornament that will forever capture his or her tiny prints. Don’t forget to buy some for the Grandparents too!

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  • Includes gift box.
  • Learn how to make perfect prints here.


Celebrate Their First Year with a First Christmas Ornament

Your baby’s first Christmas is a big deal! As you are no doubt already aware, that little peanut is growing and changing so fast. It’s natural to want to capture every moment and wish time to slow down. So celebrate these milestones with a unique first Christmas gift – one that also captures the sweetness and smallest of their little hands or feet. You will be amazed at the detail we can engrave. Every year, your little one will love putting this ornament on tree and hearing all the stories that will be sparked by such tiny prints.

How do I get a handprint or footprint engraved?

  1. Use black ink on plain white paper. Although we can engrave prints done with paint, you will loose all the detail and we do not recommend it.
  2. Feet are easier than hands, and just as cute. 
  3. Take a photo (smart phones work well) from above, with good lighting and no shadows across the prints. If you are sending more than one print, please label them. 
  4. Upload the JPG file. Use the largest file size possible. Alternatively you can email us the photographs.
  5. We will email you a design file to approve, or if we require new or different pictures. Please check your bulk mail folders if you do not hear from us within 4 business days.

We have a number of tips and tricks that will help you get great prints. You can find them all here.

More about our Crystal Ornaments

These solid crystal ornaments are stunning. The facets cut on one face of the crystal reflects light and makes the whole ornament shimmer on the Christmas tree. The high quality gift box completes the gift, and allows the ornament to be stored within its custom cut foam interior.

  • Engraved Crystal Ornament
  • 76mm diameter x 6mm thick
  • 2mm beveled square edge
  • Gift box included


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