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I encourage you to always write down the funny things kids say! Kids love to read what their younger selves thought of the world. Personalize the second size with the child’s name, age and context of the conversation.

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  • Sizes range from 2″-3.5″ diameter
  • Natural size and shape variance (each piece is not exactly round)
  • Custom designs will have a design file emailed within 4 business days, and must be approved before engraving. Please check your bulk mail folders or contact us if you do not receive it.


Cherish the Funny Things Kids Say

This is my best piece of advice for parents of young kids – write every funny thing they do or say down! You think you will remember forever what it was like at this age but those memories fade. Whenever my kids said anything that made me giggle I would write it down, then pick my favourite ones to engrave into an ornament. My kids are older now and they LOVE putting these on our Christmas tree. It makes them laugh out loud to see what their younger selves thought of the world. 

It’s not just for them…

These ornaments do more than bring a smile to my kids faces every year. They remind my now teenage children about the love they have for me. Selfish, I know, but it was a surprising realization that when we put these on the tree, we would naturally tell stories of what they were like when they were younger. These were stories that come easily for me, but my kids barely remember that time at all. When they read the funny things they say, it reminds them that there is a strong undercurrent of love and connection that runs through our family – even if they see us as annoying and embarrassing now.

More about our Rustic Birch Ornaments

Locally sourced from Canadian wood, these live edge rustic birch ornaments look amazing on the Christmas tree. Each piece is unique and highlights all the beauty of natural wood. 

  • Live edge rustic birch ornament
  • Canadian, locally sourced birch wood
  • Sizes range from 2″-3.5″ diameter
  • Natural size and shape variance (each piece is not exactly round)


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