Cufflinks with Handprints


Take your kids (or pets) to work, or include them in your wedding with handprint cufflinks! Need this ASAP? Rush your order.

  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel cufflinks with engraved birch inlay.
  • See below for tips on how to get great prints!


Our handprint cufflinks are one of my favourite products!  I love this gift idea for a groom or groomsmen, father of the bride, or any Dad that wants to include their kids in a special event. And the kids love seeing their actual handprint engraved with such detail! It’s easy to do! Most kids love to make handprints and if you have an infant, use a footprint instead! Then just upload the picture to us and we can do the rest.  You will be amazed at the detail that we can engrave, and these cufflinks will be treasured forever.  

Another twist on this amazing gift is to engrave a handprint from a beloved family member that may not be able to make it to the wedding.  What a nice way to show Grandma that even though she can’t travel, she will be thought of often on this special day!

  • Premium Grade Stainless Steel cufflinks.
  • Engraved hand print , foot print, or paw print on birch inlay.
  • Includes gift box.

Tips for prints:

Although we can engrave prints that are done with paint, we do not recommend it.  You will loose all the detail that makes these cufflinks so special.  Prints taken with ink are really easy to do, and you can buy water soluble inks at your local craft store that should clean up well.  If you are uncertain, test the ink on yourself first!

  1. Use black ink on plain white paper.
  2. Use a left hand/foot for one cufflink and the right hand/foot for the other.  This is optional but adds symmetry to the final effect.
  3. Write the initial of each child beside their print.  Specify if you would like the initials included in the design in the “Engraving Notes” section above.  Initials will be engraved using computer font unless you specifically ask for them to be engraved as handwriting.
  4. Take a photo (smart phones work well) from above, with good lighting, and no shadows across the prints.  One photo of both prints is fine, but you can photograph each print individually if you prefer.
  5. Upload the JPG file.  Use the largest file size possible.  Alternatively you can email us the photographs.
  6. We will email you a design file to approve, or if we require new or different pictures.  Please check you bulk mail folders if you do not hear from us within 4 business days.


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