Personalized Game Board


Create your own personalized game board for a meaningful and unique gift. Comes with a simple set of checkers pieces. Chess pieces available as an add-on below.

Available in limited quantities for a limited time.

  • Choose from the base designs listed below.
  • We can also create custom designs based on the information you give us.
  • Add your personalization in the “Tell us how to customize this” box.
  • See the Description below for more inspiration and tips.
  • 12″ x 12″ x 2″ solid poplar board.
  • 100% Canadian made.
  • We email design files for approval before engraving.

You need a total of 32 squares. Choose from the designs below and tell us how to customize them in the boxes below each group of styles. If you want multiple squares with the same style, just tell us in the “customize it” box.

When do you need this?
Business days are Monday to Friday, not including stat holidays.
Family & Pets
Choose the styles you like, then customize them in the "customize it" box below. See the product descriptions at the bottom of this page for tips.
Locations & Vacations
Jobs & Volunteer
Sports & Hobbies
Other Style Options
Please see the description below for some tips to create the perfect game board.
Optional Add-Ons


Personalized Game Boards are meaningful, unique gifts for the person that has everything.

This solid wood board is engraved permanently with your memories. They make stunning meaningful and unique gifts for that person that has everything. Great for Checkers or Chess.

For a ready to give gift, be sure to add a gift box to your order! We will wrap the sealed board in tissue paper, and add our product care card before putting it in the gift box. Our gift boxes are high quality so they can be given as is, or you can choose to wrap them in paper.

Some tips to create the perfect game board…

We encourage you to send us as many ideas as possible! We will work with what you give us and send you a design file to approve before we engrave.

  • 2-3 words fit best. For example: instead of “golf” use “best golfer ever,” or “loves golf.”
  • Tell us what it means. For example: when giving us dates, tell us if it’s a wedding date, child’s birthday etc. Giving us background information will help us create the best designs. Don’t be afraid to fill the “engraving details” space!
  • Choose as many base designs as possible. The base designs are the black and white images above. You can check off as many as you’d like. All of these will be personalized to you. Just write how you’d like them personalized in the “engraving details” box. You will likely use multiple base designs, but you only have to check it once. Just write in the engraving details all the ways you’d like to personalize it. For example, if you choose the stork design to celebrate your children, you could write “stork 1 – Matthew, stork 2- Sally, Stork 3 – Thomas.” Then I know that 3 square will have the stork design with the associated names.

Need some inspiration?

We need enough information to fill 32 squares. Don’t worry, we’ll help you. We make it as easy as possible to create meaningful unique gifts.

Meaningful Locations:

Please give us the full addresses if you have them. We will figure out the GPS locations if you chose that design.

  • Family Home
  • Where they grew up
  • Cottage location
  • Memorable vacations
  • Honeymoon destination
  • Where they met or married their spouse

Important Dates:

Remember to tell us what these dates represent!

  • Wedding dates
  • Birthdays – tell us who’s birthday it is and their relationship to the person receiving the gift. Even if we don’t include this information, it will help us create the design.
  • Graduation dates – tell us which school and what degree too!
  • Citizenship dates

Inside Jokes or Common Sayings:

Please tell us a bit of the background behind these! For example if it’s something the hockey team does, we may be able to use that to fill in the square.

  • Small things that spark the memory of a larger story.
  • If a family member were to pretend to be them, what would they do?

Hobbies or Games:

We cannot engrave anything protected by copyright law (like team logos or names). We can’t say “Toronto Maple Leafs” but we can often find creative ways to get the idea across without infringing on copyright laws. 

  • How do they spend their free time?
  • Is there a favourite family game that you play?
  • Do they play a sport or watch one on TV? 

Teachable Moments:

  • What wisdom do they impart?
  • Is there a favourite family recipe or life lesson that they are responsible for passing on?
  • Is there a cultural reference you’d like to include?
  • A heritage you’d like to honour? 

Other Ideas:

  • Names and breeds of any pets.
  • Nicknames they may have – Dad, Grandpa etc.
  • Favourite foods or drinks.
  • Dreams or goals – what is their dream job? What would they do if they won the lottery?
  • Do they volunteer their time? Where? In what way?

We cannot engrave anything protected by copyright law.

This is including but not limited to

  • Song lyrics, names of songs or celebrity names.
  • Logo’s or names of professional sports teams or players.
  • Logo’s or names of commercial products (i.e. Monopoly)
  • Book titles, author names, or character names (i.e. Harry Potter)
  • Some famous quotes.

More about our Turnaround Times

Our standard (free) turnaround time is 10 business days. Business days are Monday to Friday not including statutory holidays. As always, we will strive to complete orders as soon as possible. When you check the “when do you need this” box, you are ensuring your order will be engraved and ready to pick up or ship by that date. Please note that shipping times are not included so please plan accordingly. For fastest turnaround times, chose “Milton Pick Up” on checkout. We will contact you immediately if we are unable to meet your time lines.

Standard turnaround times may increase depending on season. Typically this happens in November, December, July & August. During these times, rush orders may not be available. For the most up to date information, and advanced warnings when this my occur, please sign up for our email list.

Our studio is located in Milton, Ontario but we serve all of Canada. Contactless local pickup is available for clients in the surrounding regions of Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto and beyond. Shipping is available nationwide.


Additional information

Weight 3.35 kg
Dimensions 66 × 38 × 13 cm