Memory Box


Last Chance! Our memory boxes will be discontinued once this stock is sold out. Don’t wait to order!

Perfect for storing mementos, cards, drawings and notes.  Who would love a memory box? See below for some great ideas! Need this ASAP? Rush your order.

  • 11.96″ x 9.19″x 3.36″ high
  • Unfinished basswood memory box engraved with your choice of design.
  • Lid is hinged.
  • Custom designs will have a design file emailed within 4 business days, and must be approved before engraving. Please check your bulk mail folders or contact us if you do not receive it.


An engraved Memory Box is a simple way to give a meaningful gift.  Its versatility is endless! 

For tweens and younger kids: 

Young children love to see their name engraved and will be excited to have a “secret spot” to save all their treasures.  Here’s a pro tip – fill it with candy to add a little wider smile when they open their gift!

For kids away at camp:

Use it as a camp care package so your kids have something fun to open mid way through their sleep-away adventure, and a place to store their camp memories to share with you when they get home. Add an address book, pen, flashlight and a pack of cards and your camper will be making friends in no time!

For new graduates:

Celebrate their achievements with a memory box engraved with their Alma Mater distinctions – their name, degree, awards, clubs and any interests or personality traits.  Let them decide what are important mementos from that chapter in their life and give them a nice place to keep them.

For new parents:

For new parents it’s a way to hold onto those special memories that we think we will never forget, but actually fade quickly during our busy lives.  Save babies first ultrasound, the hat they wore when they were newborn, or even that pacifier you thought they would never give up.  All these things tell a story and it’s fun to look back years later and show them all the things that were so important to them at that time.

For experienced parents:

Mine holds all the drawings, love notes, cards and even written scripts of those funny conversations that only kids can have. The kids love to go through it occasionally and see what their younger selves thought of the world.  Pro tip – write the name, age and date on the back of EVERYTHING. You may have been great at deciphering toddler scribble in your prime but the skill fades.  Trust me.

For Grandparents:

Just like Mom and Dad, Grandparents love to get handmade gifts from their grandchildren.  They also feel guilty throwing them out, and don’t know where to put them.  A memory box is perfect for them!  Have your kids help design the lid! Maybe they have a special name for Grandma, or know exactly what to say to make her smile.  We can even engrave their handwriting or drawings!  If you are interested in that, please send us a message with an idea of what you’d like and we can give you a quote.

  • 11.96″ x 9.19″ x 3.36″
  • Unfinished basswood engraved with your choice of design.
  • Hinged lid

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