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Honour the memory of a cherished pet with a custom designed rustic birch ornament.  Add your personalized message to the opposite side.

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  • Size of wood ranges from 2″-3.5″ diameter
  • All birch ornaments have natural size and shape variance (each piece is not exactly round)
  • Custom designs will have a design file emailed within 4 business days, and must be approved before engraving. Please check your bulk mail folders or contact us if you do not receive it.


A pet memorial gift can bring comfort.

Pets bring so much joy to our lives and when we lose one, it can affect us deeply. Knowing that someone else empathizes with how you are feeling can be very comforting. A pet memorial gift is a simple way to show you care. 

Why a Christmas Ornament Makes Sense – Any Time of Year

It may be too hard in the beginning to constantly be reminded of their loss. This is why a Christmas ornament is a wonderful gift any time of year. They may not use it immediately, but every year when unpacked, it will spark stories and conversations which will in turn trigger happy memories. 

What makes a good memorial gift?

  1. Choose something small. There is no need to go overboard.
  2. Choose something meaningful. Add a name, engrave a memory, or list some quirky behaviours that will be missed. It may be hard now, but these will trigger stories and laughter in the years to come.
  3. Choose something subtle. Pick something that will remind them of their pet, but not something they have to explain to every house guest that walks past.
  4. Choose something they can put away. Like I explained above, sometimes it’s too hard in the beginning to be surrounded by constant reminders. Christmas ornaments are a perfect gift because they can put them away now, and yet every year they will be reminded of how their pet made them feel.
  5. Choose something that will last forever. Future generations will love hearing stories about all the animals their parents had. And what better time to sit together and tell stories than Christmas?

More about our Rustic Birch Ornaments

Locally sourced from Canadian wood, these live edge rustic birch ornaments look amazing on the Christmas tree. Each piece is unique and highlights all the beauty of natural wood. Add personalized engraving and you have a beautiful and meaningful gift. 

  • Rustic Birch Ornaments
  • Canadian, locally sourced birch wood
  • Size of wood ranges from 2″-3.5″ diameter
  • All birch ornaments have natural size and shape variance (each piece is not exactly round)


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