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Our turnaround time is currently 10 business days. Business days are Monday to Friday not including statutory holidays. As always, we will strive to complete orders as soon as possible.

Adding a rush fee ensures your order will be complete for pick up or shipping in 5 business days. Please indicate in the “Engraving Details” section of your order, or the “Notes” section on checkout, if you need it sooner than 5 business days. We will contact you if we are unable to meet the time lines.

  • Choose the appropriate rush fee(s) if you need the order complete in 5 business days.
  • Choose all items in your cart that require a rush.
  • Turnaround times do not include shipping times.
  • For fastest turnaround times, choose “Milton Pick Up” on checkout.
  • Need it faster than 5 business days? Contact us to see if we can help you.
  • See below for more information about our turnaround times and rush fees.


  • Price:
    Check the products in your cart that require a rush. Check all that apply.


Adding a rush fee to your order means your order will be designed first and completed early. 

I need it faster than 5 business days. Can you do it?

Likely yes, but the fee may be more. Please contact us to discuss your options. 

My item is not on this list. Now what?

Some items we can’t rush. For example, anything requiring paint cannot be rushed as the paint needs to dry. There are other limitations for other products. If your item is not on this list, please contact us to see if we can rush it for you.

What is our Turnaround Time?

Our typical turnaround time is 10 business days.  That means that when you complete your order, we have 10 business days from that date to complete the order to the point where it can be either picked up, or shipped.  Please note that our turnaround time does not include shipping time.

Turnaround times depend on a few things, mainly:

  1. How quickly you respond to the design file. We do not engrave orders until they are approved by you.  So if you don’t respond in a timely manner, your order may be delayed. Our policy is that if we don’t hear back from you for 2 business days, we send you an email reminder. If we still don’t hear back, we call. If we don’t reach you, we put your order on hold and continue to try to contact you to the best of our ability. Rushing your order will not help if you don’t approve the design file. If you don’t see a design file from us within 4 business days, please check your junk mail folders.

  2. The time of year. Turnaround times may increase due to volume of orders. Typically this occurs in November and May. They may also change during July and August when our staff is reduced. If we expect our turnaround times to increase, we will post it on our Facebook and Instagram pages, but the best way to stay updated (and be included in our many free product giveaways) is to join our email list.

Do I need to Rush My Order?

Yes, if:

  1. You want to ensure your order is complete within 5 business days – maybe you have a wedding to get to, or the days just got away from you.
  2. You are past the cut off dates for major holidays. We take holidays too, so we will make a cut off date for orders before any holiday. For example, our cut off date for Christmas 2019 was December 3. After that, you had to pay a rush fee to ensure your order was ready for Christmas.  We will also have a cut off date where we do not accept any more orders. For Christmas 2019, we cut off all orders on December 13.  These dates are fluid and change depending on demand so join our email list to make sure you don’t miss out. 

Can my order be complete before 10 business days without rushing my order?

We work hard. When orders come in, we complete them in the order they are entered, as quickly as possible. So yes, it is possible that your order will be complete well within the turnaround time. When you purchase a rush for your order, that moves you to the front of the line, so to speak. It also means that we work overtime to ensure your order is complete by the time you need it.

Why do I have to pay a fee to rush my order?

The rush fees cover the overtime required by the designers and the engravers to complete your order when you need it.


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