New Baby Ultrasound


Celebrate your big news in a unique way! Our rustic birch ornament engraved with your ultrasound will be an unforgettable keepsake or a unique pregnancy announcement.

  • Personalized the back with expected due date (optional)
  • Sizes range from 2″-3.5″ diameter
  • Natural size and shape variance (each piece is not exactly round)
  • Learn how to take a great picture here.


Beautiful Keepsake or Unique Pregnancy Announcement

Congratulations! The first ultrasounds are always so exciting! Capture that feeling and relive it every year with this beautiful ornament. As the years pass, you will appreciate this unique ornament even more. Memories will come flooding back and you will have many stories to share with family and friends around your beautiful Christmas tree. Or, consider giving this ornament to family as a unique pregnancy announcement! Can you imagine the look on your loved ones face when they see this ornament? First there will be confusion, then realization, the intense happiness. Celebrate your wonderful news is a unique and unexpected way. 

How do I get my ultrasound engraved?

  1. Take a photo (smart phones work well) from above, with good lighting and no shadows across the prints. If you are sending more than one print, please label them. 
  2. Upload the JPG file. Use the largest file size possible. Alternatively you can email us the photographs.
  3. We will email you a design file to approve, or if we require new or different pictures. Please check your bulk mail folders if you do not hear from us within 4 business days.

We have a number of tips and tricks that will help you get a great photograph. You can find them all here.

More about our Rustic Birch Ornaments

Locally sourced from Canadian wood, these live edge rustic birch ornaments look amazing on the Christmas tree. Each piece is unique and highlights all the beauty of natural wood. 

  • Live edge rustic birch ornament
  • Canadian, locally sourced birch wood
  • Sizes range from 2″-3.5″ diameter
  • Natural size and shape variance (each piece is not exactly round)

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7.5 cm