Realtor Wholesale Client Gifts FAQ’s

We offer wholesale packages of live edge charcuterie boards to Realtors and Mortgage Brokers. To get the wholesale price, buy 10 boards at a time but only engrave them when you are ready. Visit our Wholesale Realtor page to get started. If you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I’m not a Realtor. Can I still get wholesale pricing?

Yes. We offer wholesale pricing on many of our products. Are you looking for live edge charcuterie boards? start here. If you are inquiring about other products, tell us what you are looking for by filling out this form. When the form is complete, please check out (there is no cost involved) and we will get back to you with some options. Alternatively you can email us to discuss your project.

What does each closing gift include?

Each closing gift includes a live edge charcuterie board engraved with the design of your choice and a product care card. Once engraved, the board is sealed so it is ready to use. Then you can include whichever options suite your style and budget.
The options include:
1. Your logo is engraved on the back, so your clients will always be able to find you, and refer you.
2. A high quality gift box with or without your logo engraved.
3. A container of Board Balm – a food grade wood conditioner and sealer.

How do I get the wholesale price?

Simple. You just need to pay for 10 boards at a time. You only have to decide which size of board you’d like. You do not have to choose all the designs right now – we will complete those as you need them. See the sizing and pricing options here.

I don’t want the wholesale price. What are my options?

No problem! Once you find a design you like, the questions will guide you to the correct price. Then you can choose your options – you can have your logo engraved, a gift box etc. The price will change depending on the options you choose. Pro tip – you have to choose a design from the drop down to have a price show up.

I am a new wholesale customer. How do I order?

We’ve made it easy for new wholesale customers to order directly online. Just browse our designs and follow the questions to choose your options. You only have to add a wholesale order to your cart once, then you can order other designs at no additional cost by answering yes to the question “are you a current wholesale customer?” If you are uncertain, just write your concerns in the “engraving details” section before checking out, or email us and we can help.

I am a current wholesale customer. How do I order?

Simply choose the designs you like, and chose “Yes – I have already purchased 10 boards.” Add the engraving information you need and checkout. You’ll notice there is no cost for this. We will deduct each order from your total for you. If you have used all 10 boards, we will send you an invoice to reorder before we start engraving. We keep all your previous order information, and your logo, in your file so the reordering process is easy.

I don’t see a design I want, can I create a new design? Can you give me ideas?

Absolutely! We love creating new designs. Order here for new designs. Please give us as much information as possible and our designers will contact you with some ideas. Then you can tweak the designs as necessary until you are happy with it.
If you want more than one board with a new design, just tell us in the engraving details what you’d like each board to look like. Don’t worry, we will contact you for approval and if we have any questions.
If you are not a wholesale customer, and don’t want to be, just add the total number of boards you are ordering before you “add to cart.” See the screen shot below.

Do you engrave photographs of houses?

Yes, most photographs engrave well. There is a lot more work involved in converting a photograph into a format that can engrave well, and there is a cost associated with this. If you are interested in having a photograph engraved, please email us. Please include the photo you are inquiring about, and ensure it is the highest resolution and largest size available.

What is your turnaround time?

For typical retail orders, our turnaround time is 10 business days. Our wholesale clients receive priority service which means your order goes to the front of the line. Typically this means we can have your order ready within 5 business days, but we can get orders done within a few days if necessary. When you place the order online, indicate when you will need it by. If we cannot accommodate that timeline we will contact you immediately. Please remember our turnaround times do not include shipping times and we only engrave orders that are approved by you, so the faster you get back to us, the sooner your order will be ready.

What happens when I place my order?

Our designers get to work to design your board for you. Once the design is ready, we email you a PDF file called a “design file” to approve. You look it over for style and spelling. If you are happy with it, you respond to us saying it is “approved,” then we start the engraving process. If there are any changes required, let us know! We will alter the design and resend the design file for approval. We do not engrave files until they are approved as we cannot make any changes to the boards after they are engraved.

How much is shipping?

We ship via Canada Post. Typically shipping is between $20 -$35 depending on product and location.

Can I see all your realtor designs in one place?

Yes! You can view a gallery of all the designs, with links to their specific pages here.

Realtor Client Gifts

Wholesale pricing for realtors

We’ve made it easy for new and existing clients to order online! Just click on the title of the collection you love, choose your size, design and options and check out.

Our wholesale clients can order online too – with no cost at check out! Follow the link to the collection you want, and answer “yes” to “are you a current wholesale client?” Then enter your engraving information and check out. There is no charge, and if it’s time to renew your account we will invoice you. It a simple way for you to order different designs without all the back and forth. Of course, if you miss talking to us, you can continue to email us your orders. Whatever works best for you!

We think realtor client gifts are so important, that we offer wholesale pricing for realtors.  Purchase 10 boards to get the wholesale rate BUT only engrave those you need now. We save the rest for you. We’re ready when you are. 

The Adventure Collection

The Inclusive Collection

The Initial Collection

The Regal Collection

The Tuscan Collection

New Design

Don’t see something you like? No problem! We will work with you to design something completely unique. Need some inspiration? Here are some examples of what we have done in the past:

It’s easy to see that our live edge boards make stunning realtor client gifts, but what most people don’t consider is that their functionality is what will bring you referrals.  There are a few aspects of our boards that make them so great.

  1. The personal touch.  By engraving the board with something meaningful to your client, like their names or important dates, you show that you value them, not just the sale.  It also is a great way to ensure the longevity of the connection since personalized gifts are rarely discarded.
  2. Permanent branding.  Your logo can never be removed, and its placement on the back of the board makes it easy for your client to find you or refer you, without you coming across as pushy or self serving.
  3. Their intended function.  Our boards are used mainly for gatherings – to present charcuterie to groups of friends and family.  During these times, our boards act as conversation starters and the first question is usually “where did you get it?”  Now they are talking about you, and your referral rates have just increased without you lifting a finger.

What your gift includes:

  • Live edge Charcuterie Board with personalized engraving.
    • Ready to use and sealed with a mineral oil and beeswax food safe finish.
    • 100% Canadian made with cherry or maple wood.
    • Our boards sit slightly raised off the table.
    • Available with bark or without.Branded high quality gift box.
  • Optional – Branded high quality gift box with or without your logo engraved.
  • Product Care Sheet included.