CRO The Smallest Footprints


Celebrate life with beautiful crystal ornaments engraved with the child’s own footprints.

  • FREE gift box available
  • 3″ (80mm) diameter x 1/4″ (5mm) thick with faceted edge


A memorial gift for the loss of a child can be difficult to buy.

Choosing a memorial gift for the loss of a child can be especially difficult, and you may wonder whether or not it is necessary. It isn’t. It won’t fix anything. But nothing can. Likely the family has asked for a donation in their loved ones name. You should honor that if you can, but giving money never seems like “enough” especially when you a grieving the loss of a child. What a memorial gift can do is provide some comfort that they are not alone in their grief, and that their child will never be forgotten.

What makes a good memorial gift for the loss of a child?

  1. Choose something small. There is no need to go overboard and frankly the family likely doesn’t want you to. 
  2. Choose something meaningful. Add a name, or pick a heart felt saying. If they have cultural roots in another country it can be very powerful to add something in that language. 
  3. Choose something subtle. Try to pick something that will remind them of their loved one, but not something they will have to explain to every house guest that walks past. 
  4. Choose something they can put away. It may be too hard in the beginning to constantly be reminded of someone they have lost. This is why a Christmas ornament is a wonderful gift any time of year. They may not use it immediately but every year they will be reminded that the memory of their loved one lives on in all the people they have touched.
  5. Choose something that will last forever. It may be painful to talk about now but future generations will love to hear stories about their relatives. Our memorial ornaments will spark those conversations at a time when people come together to celebrate love, friendship and family.

More about our Crystal Memorial Ornaments

These solid crystal ornaments are stunning. The facets cut on one face of the crystal reflects light and makes the whole ornament shimmer on the Christmas tree.  The high quality gift box completes the gift, and allows the ornament to be stored safely within its custom cut foam interior.

  • Round Engraved Crystal Ornament
  • 3″ (80mm) diameter x 1/4″ (5mm) thick with faceted edge
  • FREE gift box available

Learn more about gifts with handprints and footprints, with detailed instructions on how to achieve great prints.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 7.5 cm