Realtor Client Gifts

Realtor Client Gifts That Keep Them Coming Back.

Initial design engraved on a live edge charcuterie board.

Save Time and Money with Realtor Bundles

Your client gifts matter. Realtor bundles are packages of 10 pre-paid gifts that you’ll slowly use whenever you have a closing. There is no expiration date. We make it easy to give a beautiful, functional and meaningful gift that will start conversations and increase referral rates.

How beautiful, functional and meaningful gifts increase referral rates

  1. Beautiful gifts are displayed in the home and noticed by guests. This starts an organic conversation which usually begins with, “Where did you get that?” And continues with, “From my amazing realtor.”
  2. Functional gifts are rarely discarded, downsized or decluttered.
  3. Meaningful gifts leave an impact on your client and build trust. Taking the time to personalize their gift shows them that they are important to you, not just their business. When you trust your realtor, you refer them.

Live Edge Charcuterie boards: The Premium Package

When your client loves their gift, they use it. Charcuterie boards are meant to display food at gatherings so many people will see it. The first question everyone asks is, “Where did you get that?!” The answer is, “From my amazing realtor.”

Personalized charcuterie boards are natural conversation starters. This is the most organic way to get referrals, and the best part is, you didn’t have to do anything other than contact us to make you the perfect gift.

The Premium Package

  • Includes a Live Edge Charcuterie Board with personalized engraving.
  • Your logo engraved on the back (optional).
  • Your logo engraved on the high quality gift box (optional).
  • Product care card included.

Introducing the C&C Bundle

The Closing + Christmas bundle was created to make your life easier! When you order your closing gift, we’ll also make your Christmas gift, store it until the holidays, then ship it directly to your client for you.

Prefer to deliver it yourself? No problem! We have a package for that too.

The C&C Bundle is an add-on option for those who have purchased closing packages. Each Christmas gift includes a personalized 4 layer ornament, professionally packaged in a gift box with your logo engraved (optional). You’ll approve your ornament design when you approve the closing gift design.

The C&C Bundle

  • Includes a personalized 4 layer wood ornament.
  • Your custom message or logo engraved on the back (optional).
  • Your logo engraved on the high quality gift box (optional).
  • Let us take care of delivering each gift during the holidays, or deliver it yourself. We have packages for both options!

Cutting Boards: The Premium Package

Where charcuterie boards are used to present food, cutting boards are used to prepare food. Personalized cutting boards are often displayed as part of a kitchen vignette, and are therefore admired even when not in use.

Cutting boards differ from charcuterie boards in that the edges are sanded smooth, they sit flat on the counter and both sides are functional. There are two styles to choose from; a rectangular style and a paddle style that has a handle.

The Premium Package

  • Includes a Canadian made cutting board with personalized engraving.
  • Your logo engraved on the back (optional).
  • Your logo engraved on the high quality gift box (optional).
  • Product care card.

Not ready for wholesale? No problem.

You can order individual boards here. You have 21 days from the order date to decide if you want to upgrade to the wholesale package. If you choose to upgrade, we will deduct the amount you paid from the balance owning on the wholesale order. We are here to help. So don’t hesitate to email or call us with questions.

Multiple gift boxes with a logo engraved.

21 Days to Decide

Ready to see what we can do? Order an individual board now at full price and have 21 days to decide if you want to upgrade to the wholesale package.

Have more questions? 

We would love to connect with you in whatever way is convenient for you. You can visit our Realtor Gift Frequently Asked Questions page, email us or call us anytime. Sick of links? Me too. Our phone number is 905-749-1073. We look forward to working with you!

Round Trip Studios is located in Milton, Ontario but we serve all of Canada. Contactless local pickup is available for clients in the surrounding regions of Oakville, Burlington, Georgetown, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Mississauga, Toronto and beyond. Shipping is available nationwide.

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